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Genus Gadget

Genus Gadget is an app for organizing, tracking and sharing information about organisms by species, genera, families and major groups in the planteae and animalia kingdoms. It was originally designed for avid plant collectors and cultivators. But, the application can also be used by botanists, zoologists, researchers and institutions working with all kinds of plant and animal data. Via a built-in economy and a compatible platform, the Genus Gadget encourages sharing of data among individuals and parties with similar objectives.


NanoDatabank is a repository and database system of engineered nanomaterial (ENM) properties, experimental and simulation datasets of ENM fate and transport (F&T), as well as toxicity data. The application can be used on the web or any mobile device while logged in as a guest, lab administrator or system administrator. NanoDatabank contains a number of databases that include physicochemical, toxicological and experimental properties. The project was developed at UC CEIN via a joint funding from the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Science Foundation.

Team Hearing

On-line resources and audiolological diagnostic testing for Hearing Health Care at the House Research Institute. The Team Hearing application is available to users as a web application and on mobile devices to facilitate evaluation in remote locations. The project was developed in collaboration with Sensimetrics Corporation and sponsored by NIDCD.

Everyday Engineering

Everyday Engineering is a photographic primer for looking at the world through the eyes of an engineer. From Andrew Burroughs and IDEO, it's an insightful meditation on how ordinary objects and environments behave over time, and invites us all to open our eyes to the daily wonders of the built world.


MoonWorld is NASA-funded lunar simulation project for learning and exploration of the moon in the virtual environment of Second Life. It was conceived and developed by the Center for Educational Technologies (CET) in close collaboration with Onklos. The 3D visual content closely resembles the unique geologic features of the Timocharis region of the moon. Onklos also implemented the full data visualization of the system including an array of LSL scripts, control flow in PHP and database storage in MySQL. MoonWorld was showcased by CET at the ModSim World 2009 Conference & Expo.

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